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Scarborough Primary School

Welcome to the Scarborough Primary School community. Established in 1934, we are very proud of our heritage as the very first school in Scarborough and yet we provide a learning environment that will equip our students with skills and abilities for their future in an ever changing world.

The staff at Scarborough Primary School are well qualified, experienced and dedicated to our students' learning. We have close links with neighbouring schools, sharing professional knowledge and practice in order to provide students with a relevant and motivating learning experience. Our strong focus on literacy and numeracy is integrated throughout the curriculum and the Australian Curriculum is fully incorporated into these areas.

Our School Focus is on developing our students' Literacy and Numeracy skills, achieved through a cross-curricular approach which engages the students in a stimulating and positive learning environment. In 2011-13 our focus continues to be on Literacy, Numeracy and Values which is addressed through collaborative problem solving approach. The school has a Getting it Right (GiR) Numeracy specialist as well as a Literacy specialist on staff.

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Scarborough Primary School

Hinderwell Street Scarborough WA 6019