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Lockridge Primary School

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48 Rosher Road, Lockridge WA 6054

Lockridge Primary School offers an innovative teaching and learning environment where we recognise that students learn at different rates. We believe that students have access to a flexible, supportive learning environment and have the opportunity to progress at their own rate of development. The school provides a range of education programs for approximately 260 students with an emphasis on a phonemic approach to Literacy. The provision of a GiRL and GiRN specialist ensures early intervention as soon as it's required. Specialist programs are provided in areas such as Language other than English (LOTE) - the focus being on Indonesian, Physical Education, and Visual Arts. Students in Years 5, 6, and 7 have access to the Region's Primary Extension and Challenge Program (PEAC) and children identified as being gifted and talented are offered enrichment courses. Students experiencing educational difficulties are also catered for through Individual Education Plans (IEPs). We provide support for students with specific educational needs in an inclusive environment.

The staff at Lockridge Primary School value and aspire to excellence in teaching and learning. They work as a team to optimise the educational achievements of all students. Numeracy and Literacy are priorities with children learning through active engagement with their environment, negotiation with their teachers and cooperation with their peers. All classes have a suite of computers, multimedia whiteboards and direct access to the school network.