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Pinjarra Primary School

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Dixon Avenue, Pinjarra WA 6208

At Pinjarra Primary School 'We Achieve' by developing an inclusive and safe learning environment through our great staff maintaining high standards and innovative teaching and learning.

The social and emotional development of all students is a focus throughout the School. The diverse needs of the students are catered for through the school's inclusive practices in academic and practical areas of the curriculum. Guided interaction between senior and junior students is encouraged to provide support and role models for the younger children and the fostering of acceptance and cooperation by the senior students.

Pinjarra Primary students have access to a comprehensive Pastoral Care system that provides support for students in all aspects of their schooling. Our School Chaplain, School Psychologist, Learning Support Coordinator, Deputy Principals and Aboriginal and Islander Education Officer are always available to assist all students and families.

Our well-maintained school facilities are continually being improved and recent upgrades to classrooms have resulted in better learning environments that are conducive to student and teacher interaction. In the last few years our school has seen the addition of a state of the art library, many new classrooms, a new dynamic early childhood complex and many other improvements across the school that ensure that all our students have the opportunity to respect, create and achieve.