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Advanced Protective Services

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The APS (Aust) Group is a multi-faceted company capable of dealing with a wide and diverse array of situations and circumstances. Our professionalism and service will be invaluable to the smooth operation of your company, event, or venue. In your personal life The APS (Aust) Group can bring you peace of mind with a minimum degree of disruption, allowing you to concentrate on the things that really matter to you.

The APS (Aust) Group is recognised as the market leader across a range of fields, including mainstream and specialised security, bodyguards, personal protection, investigations, debt recovery and process service. Our extensive experience and proven expertise in this industry sets us apart from our competitors.

The range of expertise and services provided by each of the Divisions that make up The APS (Aust) Group allow us to assist you in many different aspects of your companies needs. Rather than having these requirements met by a range of different companies you can now ensure that one firm can care for all these needs. This means that the company is already familiar with aspects unique to your business. We will work with you to ensure that The APS (Aust) Group becomes your valuable ally in the marketplace.

We have highly skilled and professional operatives who operate with both dignity and integrity in all of their actions.

The APS (Aust) Group is a leading former certified member of the IBA (International Bodyguard Association) with access to a worldwide network of professional affiliates and contacts.